Philly Public Golf Courses

Pine Hill Golf Club (Pine Hill, NJ)

#4:  from just over the green. #4:  from left of the green looking back up the FW. #4:  from left of the green. #5:  on the back tee of the par 3 5th was a wild turkey!
#5:  the par 3 can play 210 from the tips. #5:  this waste bunker is large, but it really only is a visual distraction. #5:  when playing firm, it is possible to run a ball on here. #5:  from the fringe right of the green.
#5:  a view looking back to the tees. #5: this is a very deep green. #5:  from just over the green. #6:  par 4, 410 yards that sort of plays as a little dogleg right as the safe play.
#6:  a good drive in the left part of the FW leaves a short 2nd with this view. #6:  a similar view as the last pic, but this from just in front of the big FW bunker left. #6:  a view back to the tees from near the large FW bunker. #6:  a view from the right rough.

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