Philly Public Golf Courses

Pine Hill Golf Club (Pine Hill, NJ)

#12:  from just short of the green which is sloped pretty severely from back to front. #12:  from the gulley just short of the green looking back through the chute in the trees. #12:  from just over the green. #12:  another view back to the chute.
#13:  a par 3, 170 yards, that on a clear day the skyline of downtown Philly is visible; this green is very deep. #13:  from right of the green. #13:  from near the back of the green. #13:  from right of the green.-2
#14:  the view from the middle tees of a 534 yard par 5. #14:  a good drive is middle or left in the FW leaving a view like this to the green with water coming into play for a long stretch left, all the way #14:  a view from the drive landing area back to the tees. #14:  the water left definitely comes in tight on the second shot.
#14: from 100 yards out. #14:  from short of the green. #14:  a view back down the FW. #14:  another view from short of the green.

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