Philly Public Golf Courses

Pine Hill Golf Club (Pine Hill, NJ)

#14: from short of the right greenside bunker. #14:  a view from over the green showing the two-tiered green. #14:  a better view of the two-tiered in the green; back left is a real nice 'Sunday pin'! #14:  another view of the green from the edge of the lake.
#14:  the view of the green from the next tee box. #15:  poorly focused pic of the view from the back tee of the hard dogleg right par 4 (471 yards). #15:  an agressive drive over the trees can leave a short iron in here. #15:  the view back to the dogleg where playing it out to the left is the safe play, but leaves obviously leaves a longer 2nd shot.
#15:  from the left rough, about 100 yards out. #15:  from just right of the green. #15: from just short and right of this very deep green. #15:  from just over the green.
#16:  very downhill par 3 of 203 yards. #16:  from left of the green. #16:  from just over the green. #16:  from the hill left of the green, a view back to the elevated tees.

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