No. 3 Glen Mills

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:  The photo above is from the par 4 3rd hole at The Golf Course at Glen Mills.

618 courses and counting!

2020 additions:  new Cobb's Creek, re-processed White Clay Creek, re-processed Meadia Heights, re-processed Landis Creek, re-processed Hawk Valley, re-processed Hickory Valley Ambassador, re-processed Spring Mill, re-processed Tallgrass, re-processed Harkers Hollow, re-processed Waltz Golf Farm, really (!) re-processed Victorial National, re-processed Hershey Links, new Ingleside, re-processed Hershey East, re-processed Bittersweet, re-processed Burlington, re-processed Chisel Creek, re-processed Shawnee, re-processed Island Green, new Rolling Green (well, from August 2018),  re-processed Center Valley, re-processed Gilbertsville, re-processed Hawk Pointe, re-processed Macoby Run, re-processed Mays Landing, re-processed Middletown, re-processed Moorestown FC, re-processed Old York Road, re-processed Oxford Valley, re-processed St. Martins, re-processed PineCrest, re-processed Ramblewood, re-processed Raven's Claw, re-processed Reading, new Atlantic City CC, re-processed Frog Hollow, new Middletown, re-processed RiverCrest, re-processed Running Deer, re-processed Sand Barrens, re-processed Sawmill, new Locust Valley, re-processed Scotland Run, re-processed Seaview Bay, re-processed Pine Valley, re-processed Lancaster Highlands, re-processed Kresson, re-processed Heidelberg, re-processed Arrowhead Blue, re-processed Tumblebrook, re-processed Overlook, re-processed Jasna Polana, re-processed Montchanin, re-processed Westwood, re-processed Scranton Falls 9, re-processed Foxchase, re-processed Glen Brook, re-processed Great Bear, re-processed Apawamis, re-processed Links Golf Club, re-processed Bedens Brook, re-processed Pittsburgh Field Club, re-processed Fox Chapel, re-processed Cabot Links, re-processed Cabot Cliffs, re-processed Highland Links, new Cobb's Creek, new Inniscrone, new Iron Lakes, new Arrowhead, Melody Lakes, re-processed Flying Hills, new Arrowhead Blue, new Phoenixville, re-processed Paramount, re-processed Woodcrest, Armitage, Eagles Crossing, new Manor, GolfLand Pitch and Putt, Pine Hills Par 3, Blue Ridge Trail, new Galen Hall, Steel Club, new LuLu, new French Creek, re-processed Shore Gate, re-processed Split Rock, re-processed Springfield, re-processed Spring Ford, re-processed Spring Hollow, re-processed Stonewall Old, re-processed Stonewall North, Minebrook, new Frog Hollow, new Bethlehem, Bethlehem 9 Hole, re-processed Oakmont, new Running Deer, Scott Greens, Glen Oak, Eagles Mere, new Radnor Valley, Beaver Bend Par 3, Colonial, re-processed Prestwick, Evergreen Pitch & Putt, Evergreen, new Bedford Springs, South Park, Edgewood CC, Longue Vue, new Reading, new Greate Bay, new Rolling Green, new Out Door CC, new Mountain Ridge, new Lancaster, new McCulloughs, re-processed Ridgewood, re-processed Overbrook, re-processed Deal, Edgewood by Sand Springs, new Rock Manor, re-processed Kiva Dunes, Deer Valley, Springside, new Manufacturers', Union League National Golf Club, new 1912 Club, new Bala, re-processed Iron Valley, Bridgewater, new CC of York, Emanon, Greystone Mountain, new Huntsville, new Links at St. Anne's, new Bellewood, Rich Valley, Liberty Forge, new St. Davids, Beacon Hill, re-processed Honeybrook, re-processed Hayfields, new Springhaven, re-processed Chester Valley, re-processed Glen Mills, re-processed Whitford, new Phoenixville, new Steel Club, re-processed Blue Bell, re-processed Green Valley, Elmhurst, Marjon, Woodstone, new Chester Valley, Pine Barrens, new Moselem Springs, new Valley, new Jeffersonville, new Stonewall North, new Buena Vista, new Turtle Creek, new Twin Ponds, new Berkleigh, new Stone Harbor, The Meadows at Middlesex, Shamrock Farms Par 3, Plantation Lakes, new Jack Frost National, new Skippack, new Spring Hollow, new Blackwood, World Woods Practice Course, World Woods Short Course, Severna Park Par 3, new Naval Academy, new Flourtown, re-processed Southern Dunes, re-processed Westwood, new Atlantic City CC, Peddie GC, and new Bensalem Township.

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1912 Club (larger, smaller) [August 2019]
1912 Club (larger, smaller) [August 2020]
2021 Pennsylvania Amateur at Merion (larger, smaller)
Abbey Course at Saint Leo (larger, smaller)
Abington Club (larger, smaller)
Ace Club (larger, smaller)
Allentown Municipal (larger, smaller)
Alverthorpe Park (larger, smaller)
American Classic (larger, smaller)
American Dunes (larger, smaller)
Apawamis (larger, smaller)
Applebrook (larger, smaller) [November 2010]
Applebrook (larger, smaller) [June 2017]
Applecross (larger, smaller)
Architects Club (larger, smaller)
Armitage (larger, smaller)
Aronimink Golf Club (larger, smaller) [from various visits before the Hanse work]
Aronimink Golf Club (larger, smaller) [July 2018]
Aronimink Golf Club (larger, smaller) [May 2021]
Arrowhead (larger, smaller) [May 2020]
Arrowhead (larger, smaller) [July 2014]
Arrowhead - Blue nine (larger, smaller) [May 2020]
Arrowhead - Blue nine (larger, smaller) [December 2015]
Ashbourne (larger, smaller) [note, these photos were taken in January 2009, about a year after the course was closed down]
Atlantic City CC (larger, smaller) [December 2020]
Atlantic City CC (larger, smaller) [March 2020]
Atlantic City CC (larger, smaller) [combo from multiple visits 2016 and earlier]
Atlantis (larger, smaller)
Avalon (larger, smaller)
Back Creek (larger, smaller)
Bala (larger, smaller) [from multiple visits 2016 and earlier]
Bala (larger, smaller) [August 2020]
Ballamor (larger, smaller)
Baltusrol Lower (larger, smaller)
Bandon Dunes/Pacific Dunes (limited photos)
Barefoot Dye (larger, smaller)
Barefoot Fazio (larger, smaller)
Barefoot Love (larger, smaller)
Barefoot Norman (larger, smaller)
Bayonne (larger, smaller)
Bay Park (larger, smaller)
Bayside (larger, smaller)
Baywood Greens (larger, smaller)
Beacon Hill (larger, smaller)
Beaver Bend Par 3 (larger, smaller)
Beckett GC (larger, smaller) [this course is now permanently closed]
Bedens Brook (larger, smaller)
Bedford Springs (larger, smaller) [July 2020]
Bedford Springs (larger, smaller) [October 2008]
Beechtree (larger, smaller) [this course is now permanently closed]
Bella Vista (larger, smaller) [December 2015]
Bella Vista (larger, smaller) [June 2017]
Bellewood (larger, smaller) [August 2020]
Bellewood (larger, smaller) [June 2011]
Belterra (larger, smaller)
Bensalem Township CC (larger, smaller) [January 2012]
Bensalem Township CC (larger, smaller) [January 2019]
Bensalem Township CC (larger, smaller) [December 2020]
Bent Creek (larger, smaller)
Berkleigh Golf Club (larger, smaller) [May 2014]
Berkleigh Golf Club (larger, smaller) [November 2020]
Berkleigh Golf club (larger, smaller) [May 2021]
Berkshire (larger, smaller) [May 2015]
Berkshire (larger, smaller) [June 2019]
Berkshire (larger, smaller) [May 2021]
Bethlehem (larger, smaller) [June 2020]
Bethlehem (larger, smaller) [April 2014]
Bethlehem 9 Hole (larger, smaller)
Bethpage Black (larger, smaller)
Bethpage Green (larger, smaller)
Bethpage Red (larger, smaller)
Bidermann (larger, smaller) [Fall 2016]
Bidermann (larger, smaller) [Spring 2017]
Bidermann (larger, smaller) [Fall 2017]
Bittersweet (larger, smaller) [this course is now permanently closed]
Blackwolf Run Meadow Valleys (larger, smaller)
Blackwolf Run River (larger, smaller)
Blackwood (larger, smaller) [July 2011]
Blackwood (larger, smaller) [December 2020]
Blue Bell (larger, smaller)
Blue Heron Pines (larger, smaller) [December 2011]
Blue Heron Pines (larger, smaller) [September 2021]
Blue Ridge CC (larger, smaller) [this course is now permanently closed]
Blue Ridge Trail (larger, smaller)
Blue Mountain (larger, smaller)
Blue Shamrock (larger, smaller)
Bluestone [fka Meadowlands] (larger, smaller)
Boston Golf Club (larger, smaller)
Brandywine CC (larger, smaller) [this course is now permanently closed]
Breakers Ocean (larger, smaller)
Briarwood East (larger, smaller)
Bridgewater (larger, smaller)
Brigantine (larger, smaller) [September 2015]
Brigantine (larger, smaller) [February 2021]
Broad Run (larger, smaller)
Brookside CC [in Allentown, PA] (larger, smaller)
Brookside CC [in Pottstown, PA] (larger, smaller)
Brooksville (larger, smaller)
Buck Hill (larger, smaller)
Bucks Club (larger, smaller) [fka Bucks County CC] [June 2013]
Bucks Club (larger, smaller) [May 2019]
Buena Vista CC (larger, smaller) [February 2014]
Buena Vista CC (larger, smaller) [November 2020]
Bulle Rock (larger, smaller)
Bunker Hill (larger, smaller)
Burlington CC (larger, smaller)
Butter Valley (larger, smaller)
Cabot Cliffs (larger, smaller) [sunny conditions]
Cabot Cliffs (larger, smaller) [overcast conditions]
Cabot Links (larger, smaller)
Cambridge (larger, smaller)
Cape May Par 3 (larger, smaller)
Cape May National (larger, smaller)
Carlisle Barracks (larger, smaller)
Carlisle CC (larger, smaller)
Carroll Park (larger, smaller)
Cavalier [Virginia] (larger, smaller)
Cavaliers CC [Delaware] (larger, smaller)
Caves Valley (larger, smaller)  [back nine only]
Cedarbrook CC (larger, smaller)
Center Square (larger, smaller) [this course closed in 2018]
Centerton (larger, smaller) [December 2015]
Centerton (larger, smaller) [May 2021]
Center Valley (larger, smaller) [this course is now permanently closed]
Chapel Hill (larger, smaller)
Chesapeake Bay (larger, smaller)
Chester Valley (larger, smaller) [October 2020]
Chester Valley (larger, smaller) [October 2015]
Chisel Creek (larger, smaller)
Clayton Park (larger, smaller) [May 2015]
Clayton Park (larger, smaller) [January 2021]
Clearbrook (larger, smaller)
Cleveland Heights (larger, smaller)
Coatesville (larger, smaller) [Aug/Sept 2011]
Coatesville (larger, smaller) [June 2019]
Cobb's Creek (larger, smaller) [May 2020]
Cobb's Creek (larger, smaller) [January 2020]
Cobb's Creek (larger, smaller) [October 2019]
Cobb's Creek (larger, smaller) [June/July 2013]
Cobb's Creek (larger, smaller) [April 2010]
Colonial (larger, smaller)
Colts Neck GC (larger, smaller)
Columbia CC (larger, smaller)
Commonwealth National GC (larger, smaller)
Concord [October 2012] (larger, smaller)
Concord [July 2017] (larger, smaller)
Concord [July 2021] (larger, smaller)
Concordia Golf Club (larger, smaller)
Conestoga CC (larger, smaller)
Cotton Creek (larger, smaller)
Country Club of Florida (larger, smaller)
Country Club of Harrisburg (larger, smaller) [September 2016]
Country Club of Harrisburg (larger, smaller) [September 2021]
Country Club of Maryland (larger, smaller)
Country Club of the Poconos (larger, smaller)
Country Club of Scranton (larger, smaller) [mostly from a September 2012 visit]
Country Club of Scranton (larger, smaller) [August 2019]
Country Club of Scranton (larger, smaller) [September 2021]
Country Club of Scranton:  Falls Course (larger, smaller)
Country Club of York (larger, smaller) [June 2014]
Country Club of York (larger, smaller) [August 2020]
Cranbury GC (larger, smaller)
Cream Ridge (larger, smaller)
Crossgates (larger, smaller)
Dauphin Highlands (larger, smaller)
Deal (larger, smaller)
Deerfield (larger, smaller)
Deerwood (larger, smaller)
Deer Valley (larger, smaller)
Delcastle (larger, smaller) [June 2012]
Delcastle (larger, smaller) [April 2019]
Devil's Knob
Dormie Club (larger, smaller)
Dorset Field Club (larger, smaller)
Dover Par 3 (larger, smaller)
Downingtown (larger, smaller) [November 2019]
Downingtown (larger, smaller) [May 2015]
Doylestown CC (larger, smaller)
Dundee Resort & Golf Club (larger, smaller)
Dunes Club (larger, smaller)
Dunes Golf Club (larger, smaller) [this course is now permanently closed]
DuPont CC (larger, smaller)
DuPont Nemours (larger, smaller)
Eagles Crossing (larger, smaller)
Eagles Mere (larger, smaller)
Eastlyn (larger, smaller)
Edgewood CC (larger, smaller)
Edgewood by Sand Springs (larger, smaller)
Edgmont (larger, smaller) [this course is now permanently closed]
Ed Oliver (larger, smaller) [December 2011]
Ed Oliver (larger, smaller) [March 2019]
Ekwanok (larger, smaller)
Elkview (larger, smaller)
Elmhurst (larger, smaller)
Emanon (larger, smaller)
Engineers CC (larger, smaller)
Erin Hills (larger, smaller)
Essex County CC (larger, smaller)
Evergreen (larger, smaller)
Evergreen Pitch & Putt (larger, smaller)
Fairview (larger, smaller)
Fairways Golf Club (larger, smaller)
FarmLinks at Pursell Farms (larger, smaller)
FDR (larger, smaller) [this course closed permanently in 2019]
Feather Sound (larger, smaller)
Fendrich (larger, smaller)
Fenway (larger, smaller)
Fiddler's Elbow - Forest Course (larger, smaller)
Fiddler's Elbow - River Course (larger, smaller)
Fieldstone (larger, smaller)
Fishers Island (larger, smaller)
Five Ponds (larger, smaller)
Flourtown CC (larger, smaller) [June 2014]
Flourtown CC (larger, smaller) [June 2019]
Flourtown CC (larger, smaller) [December 2020]
Flying Hills (larger, smaller)
Forest Hill Field Club (larger, smaller)
Forsgate CC - Banks (larger, smaller) [July 2015]
Forsgate CC - Banks (larger, smaller) [July 2019]
Forsgate CC - Banks (larger, smaller) [August 2021]
Forsgate CC - Palmer (larger, smaller) [front 9 only]
Foxburg (larger, smaller)
Foxchase (larger, smaller)
Fox Chapel (larger, smaller)
Fox Hill (larger, smaller)
Fox Hollow (larger, smaller)
Francis Byrne (larger, smaller)
Freeway (larger, smaller) [unfortunately this course closed down in 2016]
French Creek (larger, smaller) [June 2020]
French Creek (larger, smaller) [September 2016]
French Lick - Ross Course (larger, smaller)
Frog Hollow (larger, smaller) [June 2020]
Frog Hollow (larger, smaller) [October 2011]
Frog Rock (larger, smaller)
Furnace Bay (larger, smaller)
Galen Hall (larger, smaller) [June 2015]
Galen Hall (larger, smaller) [May 2020]
Galloway National (larger, smaller) [March 2011]
Galloway National (larger, smaller) [April 2019]
Gambler Ridge (larger, smaller)
Garden City CC (larger, smaller)
Garrisons Lake (larger, smaller)
Gilbertsville (larger, smaller)
Glen Brook (larger, smaller)
Glenhardie CC (larger, smaller)
Glen Mills (larger, smaller)
Glen Oak (larger, smaller)
Golden Oaks (larger, smaller) [July 2009]
Golden Oaks (larger, smaller)  [January 2019]
Golden Pheasant (larger, smaller)
GolfLand (larger, smaller)
Great Bear (larger, smaller)
Greate Bay (larger, smaller) [July 2020]
Greate Bay (larger, smaller) [February 2017]
Greenacres CC (larger, smaller)
Greenbriar Golf Course (larger, smaller)
Green Hills (larger, smaller) [this course is now permanently closed]
Green Pond (larger, smaller)
Green Spring Valley (larger, smaller)
Green Tree (larger, smaller)
Green Valley (larger, smaller)
Greystone (larger, smaller)
Greystone Golf & CC:  Legacy (larger, smaller)
Greystone Mountain (larger, smaller) [fka Twin Oaks]
Gulf Shores (larger, smaller)
Gulph Mills (larger, smaller)
Hackensack (larger, smaller)
Hamilton Trails (larger, smaller)
Hanover (larger, smaller)
Harbor Pines (larger, smaller)
Harbor Shores (larger, smaller)
Harkers Hollow (larger, smaller)
Hartefeld National (larger, smaller)
Hawk Pointe (larger, smaller)
Hawk Valley (larger, smaller) [this course is down to 9-holes now with the original back nine left in play]
Hayfields (larger, smaller)
Hay Harbor (larger, smaller)
Heidelberg CC (larger, smaller)
Heritage Creek (larger, smaller) [July 2013]
Heritage Creek (larger, smaller) [July 2019]
Heritage Links (larger, smaller)
Heritage Shores (larger, smaller)
Heron Glen (larger, smaller)
Hershey CC East (larger, smaller)
Hershey CC West (larger, smaller)
Hershey Links (larger, smaller) [this course is now permanently closed]
Hershey's Mill (larger, smaller)
Hickory Valley - Ambassador (larger, smaller) [March 2016]
Hickory Valley - Ambassador (larger, smaller) [January 2021]
Hickory Valley - Presidential (larger, smaller)
Hidden Creek (larger, smaller) [April 2013]
Hidden Creek (larger, smaller) [August 2015]
Hideaway Hills (larger, smaller)
Highland Links (larger, smaller)
Highlands of Donegal (larger, smaller)
Hillendale CC (larger, smaller)
Hog Neck Executive (larger, smaller)
Hollenback Golf Club (larger, smaller)
Hollywood (larger, smaller) [photos taken October 2016 ]
Hollywood (larger, smaller) [photos taken June 2018]
Honesdale (larger, smaller)
Honeybrook (larger, smaller)
Hooper's Landing (larger, smaller)
Hopewell Valley (larger, smaller) [this course is now permanently closed]
Horsham Valley (larger, smaller) [this course is now permanently closed]
Hudson National (larger, smaller)
Huntingdon Valley (larger, smaller)
Huntington CC (larger, smaller)
Huntsville GC (larger, smaller) [August 2020]
Huntsville GC (larger, smaller) [May 2015]
Indiana CC (larger, smaller)
Indian Mountain (larger, smaller)
Indian Spring (larger, smaller)
Indian Valley (larger, smaller) [November 2014]
Indian Valley (larger, smaller) [September 2021]
Ingleside GC (larger, smaller) [September 2012]
Ingleside GC (larger, smaller) [January 2020]
Inniscrone (larger, smaller) [May 2020]
Inniscrone (larger, smaller) [April 2015]
Inverness Club (larger, smaller) [before the 2017 work by Andrew Green]
Inwood CC (larger, smaller)
Irem CC (larger, smaller)
Iron Lakes (larger, smaller)
Iron Valley (larger, smaller)
Island Green (larger, smaller) [this course is now permanently closed]
Island Hills (larger, smaller) [this course is now permanently closed]
Jack Frost National (larger, smaller) [July 2017]
Jack Frost National (larger, smaller) [November 2020]
Jasna Polana (larger, smaller)
Jeffersonville (larger, smaller) [mostly June 2015]
Jeffersonville (larger, smaller) [October 2020]
Jeffersonville (larger, smaller) [April 2021]
Jeffersonville (larger, smaller) [August 2021]
Jericho National (larger, smaller)
John F. Byrne (larger, smaller) [May 2011]
John F. Byrne (larger, smaller) [December 2018]
John F. Byrne (larger, smaller) [September 2021]
John's Island Club - West Course (larger, smaller)
Jonathan's Landing (larger, smaller)
Juniata (larger, smaller)  [May 2016]
Juniata (larger, smaller) [July 2018]
Karakung (larger, smaller) [June 2015]
Karakung (larger, smaller) [November 2018]
Kennett Square (larger, smaller)
Kimberton (larger, smaller)
Kinloch (larger, smaller)
Kiva Dunes (larger, smaller)
Knoll West (larger, smaller)
Kresson (larger, smaller)
Laguna Oaks (larger, smaller)
Lake Jovita - South (larger, smaller)o
Lake Jovita - North (larger, smaller)
Lake Lorain (larger, smaller)
Lakeland GC (larger, smaller)
Lake Nona (larger, smaller)
Lakewood CC (larger, smaller) [May 2014]
Lakewood CC (larger, smaller) [June 2021]
Lake Worth (larger, smaller)
Lancaster CC (larger, smaller) [July 2020]
Lancaster CC (larger, smaller) [August 2017]
Lancaster CC Highlands 9 (larger, smaller)
Lancaster Host (larger, smaller)
Landis Creek (larger, smaller)
Latona (larger, smaller)
Laurel Creek (larger, smaller)
Lawrenceville (larger, smaller)
Lawsonia Links (larger, smaller)
Lebanon (larger, smaller)
Lederach (larger, smaller) [September 2014 and earlier]
Lederach (larger, smaller) [August 2018]
Lederach (larger, smaller) [April 2021]
LedgeRock (larger, smaller) [September 2015]
LedgeRock (larger, smaller) [September 2017]
Lehigh [September 2017] (larger, smaller)
Lehman (larger, smaller)
Liberty Forge (larger, smaller)
Limekiln (larger, smaller) [unfortunately this course closed in late 2019]
Linfield National (larger, smaller) [December 2016]
Linfield National (larger, smaller) [January 2021]
Linfield National (larger, smaller) [July 2021]
Links at Perry Cabin (larger, smaller)
Links at St. Anne's (larger, smaller) [August 2020; all 18 holes now open!]
Links at St. Anne's (larger, smaller) [July 2019; 11 holes open]
Links Golf Club (larger, smaller)
Linwood CC (larger, smaller)
Little Mill (larger, smaller)
Llanerch CC (larger, smaller) [June 2012]
Llanerch CC (larger, smaller) [November 2016]
Loch Nairn (larger, smaller)
Locust Valley (larger, smaller) [March 2020] [unfortunately I believe Locust Valley finally closed up shop late in 2020]
Locust Valley (larger, smaller) [May 2017]
Longue Vue (larger, smaller)
Lookaway (larger, smaller)
LuLu Country Club (larger, smaller) [November 2012]
LuLu Country Club (larger, smaller) [August 2016]
LuLu Country Club (larger, smaller) [June 2020]
Macoby Run (larger, smaller)
Mahoning Valley (larger, smaller) [sadly this course closed in March 2019]
Maidstone Club (larger, smaller)
Mainland (larger, smaller)
Makefield Highlands (larger, smaller)
Maketewah (larger, smaller)
Manasquan River (larger, smaller)
Manor (larger, smaller) [July 2021]
Manor (larger, smaller) [May 2020]
Manor (larger, smaller) [April 2015]
Manufacturers' (larger, smaller) [October 2015]
Manufacturers' (larger, smaller) [August 2020]
Manufacturers' (larger, smaller) [August 2021]
Maplewood CC (larger, smaller)
Marjon (larger, smaller)
Mattawang (larger, smaller)
Mays Landing (larger, smaller)
McCall (larger, smaller) [September 2016]
McCall (larger, smaller) [January 2021]
McCall (larger, smaller) [July 2021]
McCullough's Emerald Golf Links (larger, smaller) [July 2020]
McCullough's Emerald Golf Links (larger, smaller) [May 2014]
McDonald (larger, smaller)
Meadia Heights (larger, smaller)
Meadow Brook GC (larger, smaller) [this course is now permanently closed]
Meadowbrook Golf Club (larger, smaller) [this course is now permanently closed]
Meadows (larger, smaller)
Meadows at Middlesex (larger, smaller)
Medford Lakes (larger, smaller)
Medford Village (larger, smaller) [March 2016]
Medford Village (larger, smaller) [July 2019]
Melody Lakes (larger, smaller)
Melrose CC (larger, smaller) [August 2013]
Melrose CC (larger, smaller) [July 2016]
Melrose CC (larger, smaller) [May 2021]
Memorial Links (larger, smaller)
Mercer Oaks East (larger, smaller)
Mercer Oaks West (larger, smaller)
Merchantville CC (larger, smaller) [October 2009]
Merchantville CC (larger, smaller) [September 2013]
Merchantville CC (larger, smaller) [August 2018]
Merion Golf Club - East Course (larger, smaller)
Merion Golf Club - West Course (larger, smaller)
Mermaid (larger, smaller)
Metedeconk (larger, smaller)
Metropolis (larger, smaller)
Middletown (larger, smaller) [August 2021]
Middletown (larger, smaller) [March 2020]
Middletown (larger, smaller) [October 2015]
Minebrook (larger, smaller)
Moccasin Run (larger, smaller)
Montchanin (larger, smaller)
Moorestown Field Club (larger, smaller) [August 2009]
Moorestown Field Club (larger, smaller) [May 2021]
Morgan Hill (larger, smaller) [June 2008]
Morgan Hill (larger, smaller) [August 2021]
Moselem Springs (larger, smaller) [May 2015]
Moselem Springs (larger, smaller) [June 2019]
Moselem Springs (larger, smaller) [October 2020]
Mount Airy (larger, smaller)
Mountain Branch (larger, smaller)
Mountain Lake (larger, smaller)
Mountain Laurel (larger, smaller)
Mountain Ridge (larger, smaller) [July 2021]
Mountain Ridge (larger, smaller) [July 2020]
Mountain Ridge (larger, smaller) [September 2010]
Mountain Valley - Valley Course (larger, smaller)
Mountain View (larger, smaller)/
Mystic Rock (larger, smaller)
Naval Academy (larger, smaller) [July 2019]
Naval Academy (larger, smaller) [December 2020]
Neshaminy Valley (larger, smaller) [December 2014]
Neshaminy Valley (larger, smaller) [July 2019]
Newark CC (larger, smaller)
Newberry CC (larger, smaller)
Northampton Country Club (larger, smaller) [November 2019]
Northampton Country Club (larger, smaller) [September 2013]
Northampton Valley (larger, smaller)
North Hills (larger, smaller) [mostly November 2015]
North Hills (larger, smaller) [August 2019]
North Shore (larger, smaller)
Oakmont (larger, smaller)
Ocean City Municipal (larger, smaller)
Ocean Course (larger, smaller)
Odessa National (larger, smaller) [August 2010]
Odessa National (larger, smaller) [February 2019]
Old Hickory (larger, smaller)
Olde Homestead (larger, smaller) [June 2009]
Olde Homestead (larger, smaller) [May 2019]
Olde Homestead Par 3 (larger, smaller)
Olde Masters (larger, smaller) (now called Valley View, the course reopened on Fathers Day in 2019; see Valley View album below!).
Old York CC at Chesterfield (larger, smaller)
Old York Road CC (larger, smaller)
Ottawa Park (larger, smaller)
Out Door CC (larger, smaller) [July 2020]
Out Door CC (larger, smaller)  [front nine only; April 2018]
Overbrook (larger, smaller) [May 2013]
Overbrook (larger, smaller) [October 2016]
Overlook (larger, smaller)
Oxford Valley (larger, smaller)
Palm Beach Par 3 (larger, smaller)
Palmer House (larger, smaller)
Panorama (larger, smaller)
Paramount (larger, smaller)
Patriots Glen National (larger, smaller)
Paxon Hollow (larger, smaller) [April 2016]
Paxon Hollow (larger, smaller) [October 2019]
Peddie Golf Club (larger, smaller)
Penn National GC:  Founders Course (larger, smaller)
Penn National GC:  Iron Forge Course (larger, smaller)
Penn Oaks GC (larger, smaller) [June 2014]
Penn Oaks GC (larger, smaller) [July 2018]
Pennsauken (larger, smaller)
Pensacola (larger, smaller)
Pete Dye Golf Club (larger, smaller)
PGA National:  Champion (larger, smaller)
PGA National:  Fazio (larger, smaller)
Philadelphia Country Club Spring Mill (larger, smaller) [November 2014/July 2015 combo]
Philadelphia Country Club Spring Mill (larger, smaller) [June 2021]
Philadelphia Country Club Centennial Nine (larger, smaller) [July 2015]
Philadelphia Country Club Centennial Nine (larger, smaller) [June 2021]
Philadelphia Cricket Militia Hill (larger, smaller)
Philadelphia Cricket Wissahickon (larger, smaller) [pre-restoration:  September 2010]
Philadelphia Cricket Wissahickon (larger, smaller) [post-restoration:  October 2017]
Philadelphia Cricket St. Martins (larger, smaller)
Philadelphia Quartette Club (larger, smaller) [this course is permanently closed]
Philmont CC - North Course (larger, smaller) [June 2017]
Philmont CC - North Course (larger, smaller) [June 2019]
Philmont CC - South Course (larger, smaller) [unfortunately this course closed on April 1, 2019]
Phoenixville CC (larger, smaller) [July 2012]
Phoenixville CC (larger, smaller) [September 2019]
Phoenixville CC (larger, smaller) [May 2020]
Phoenixville CC (larger, smaller) [September 2020]
Phoenixville CC (larger, smaller) [August 2021]
Pickering Valley (larger, smaller)
Pikewood National (larger, smaller)
Pilgrim's Oak (larger, smaller) [December 2019]
Pilgrim's Oak (larger, smaller) [October 2007]
Pine Barrens (larger, smaller)
PineCrest (larger, smaller)
Pine Hill (2009; see Trump National Philadelphia below) (larger, smaller)
Pine Hills Par 3 (larger, smaller)
Pinehurst No. 2 (larger, smaller)
Pinehurst No. 4 (larger, smaller) [the Tom Fazio version]
Pinehurst No. 8 (larger, smaller)
Pinelands (larger, smaller)
Pine Meadows (larger, smaller)
Pine Tree (larger, smaller)
Pine Valley (larger, smaller)
Pines at Clermont (larger, smaller)
Piney Apple (larger, smaller)
Pitman (larger, smaller)
Pittsburgh Field Club (larger, smaller)
Plainfield (larger, smaller)
Plantation Lakes (larger, smaller)
Pleasant Hills (larger, smaller) [unfortunately this course is permanently closed]
Plymouth CC (larger, smaller) (now known as the 1912 Club) [photos taken August 2014]
Pocono Manor (larger, smaller) [September 2015]
Pocono Manor (larger, smaller) [April 2021]
Pomona (larger, smaller)
Prestwick CC (larger, smaller)
Princess Anne CC (larger, smaller)
Princeton CC (larger, smaller)
Quail Crossing (larger, smaller)
Queenstown Harbor River (larger, smaller)
Quogue Field Club (larger, smaller)
Radley Run (larger, smaller) [July 2013]
Radley Run (larger, smaller) [limited photos due to thunderstorms; July 2021]
Radnor Valley (larger, smaller) [June 2020]
Radnor Valley (larger, smaller) [July 2014]
Radrick Farms (larger, smaller)
Ramblewood (larger, smaller)
Rancocas (larger, smaller) [February 2012]
Rancocas (larger, smaller) [June 2019]
Raven's Claw (larger, smaller)
Reading (larger, smaller) [August 2021]
Reading (larger, smaller) [July 2020]
Reading (larger, smaller) [April 2017]
Rehoboth Beach CC (larger, smaller)
Rich Maiden (larger, smaller)
Rich Valley (larger, smaller)
Ridgewood (larger, smaller)
Rip Van Winkle (larger, smaller)
RiverCrest Golf Club & Preserve (larger, smaller)
Riverton (larger, smaller)
Riverview (larger, smaller)
RiverWinds (larger, smaller)
Rock Creek Golf Club (larger, smaller)
Rock Manor (larger, smaller) [August 2009]
Rock Manor (larger, smaller) [September 2019]
Rock Manor (larger, smaller) [July 2020]
Rock Spring (larger, smaller)
Rocky Point (larger, smaller)
Rolling Green (larger, smaller) [mostly from a May 2015 visit]
Rolling Green (larger, smaller) [August 2018]
Rolling Green (larger, smaller) [July 2020]
Rolling Green (larger, smaller) [May 2021]
Rolling Hills (larger, smaller)
Rolling Road (larger, smaller)
Rolling Turf (larger, smaller) [March 2013]
Rolling Turf (larger, smaller) [April 2019]
Rookery North (larger, smaller)
Rookery South (larger, smaller)
Rossmoor (larger, smaller)
Royal Manchester (larger, smaller)
Royal New Kent (larger, smaller)  [this course is now open again!]
Royal Oaks (larger, smaller)
Royce Brook East (larger, smaller)
Royce Brook West (larger, smaller)
Running Deer (larger, smaller) [August 2021]
Running Deer (larger, smaller) [June 2020]
Running Deer (larger, smaller) [June 2013]
Sakima CC (larger, smaller)
Sand Barrens (larger, smaller)
Sandhill Crane (larger, smaller)
Sand Springs
Sandy Run (larger, smaller)
Saucon Valley - Old Course (larger, smaller)
Saucon Valley - Weyhill (larger, smaller)
Sawmill (larger, smaller)
Schuylkill Country Club (larger, smaller) [June 2010]
Schuylkill Country Club (larger, smaller) [June 2021]
Scotland Run (larger, smaller) [December 2016]
Scotland Run (larger, smaller) [August 2021]
Scott Greens (larger, smaller)
Scranton Canoe Club (larger, smaller)
Sea Oaks (larger, smaller)
Seaview Bay (larger, smaller) [mostly from May 2014]
Seaview Bay (larger, smaller) [January 2021]
Seaview Pines (larger, smaller)
Seawane (larger, smaller) [November 2015]
Seawane (larger, smaller) [July 2019]
Severna Park Par 3 (larger, smaller)
Shamrock Farms Par 3 (larger, smaller) [November 2020; front nine only]
Shamrock Farms Par 3 (larger, smaller) [March 2021]
Shannondell (larger, smaller) [November 2015]
Shannondell (larger, smaller) [July 2021]
Shawnee [white and blue nines] (larger, smaller)
Shawnee - Tillinghast Approach Course (larger, smaller)
Shepherd Hills (larger, smaller)
Shepherd's Rock (larger, smaller)
Shoal Creek (larger, smaller)
Shoreacres (larger, smaller)
Shore Gate (larger, smaller)
Skippack (larger, smaller) [June 2011]
Skippack (larger, smaller) [December 2019]
Skippack (larger, smaller) [December 2020]
Skytop (larger, smaller)
Skyway (larger, smaller)
Sleepy Hollow (larger, smaller)
Somerset Hills (larger, smaller)
Southampton (larger, smaller)
South Fork CC (larger, smaller)
Southern Dunes (larger, smaller)
Southmoore (larger, smaller)
South Park (larger, smaller)
Sparrows Point (larger, smaller)
Sparrows Point - Inside Nine (larger, smaller)
Split Rock Country Club (larger, smaller)
Split Rock Country Club:  South Course (larger, smaller)
Springdale Golf Club (larger, smaller) [November 2011]
Springdale Golf Club (larger, smaller) [November 2018]
Springfield CC (larger, smaller)
Springfield Golf Center (larger, smaller)
Springhaven (larger, smaller) [May 2011]
Springhaven (larger, smaller) [April 2019]
Springhaven (larger, smaller) [September 2020]
Spring Ford (larger, smaller)
Spring Hollow (larger, smaller) [June 2012]
Spring Hollow (larger, smaller) [December 2020]
Spring Mill CC (larger, smaller)
Spring Mill CC Par 3 (larger, smaller)
Springside (larger, smaller)
Squires (larger, smaller)
St. Davids (larger, smaller) [September 2020]
St. Davids (larger, smaller) [November 2019]
St. Davids (larger, smaller) [March 2019]
St. Davids (larger, smaller) [April 2017]
St. George's Golf & CC (larger, smaller)
Steel Club (larger, smaller) [September 2020]
Steel Club (larger, smaller) [June 2020]
Steel Club "Hill" 9 (larger, smaller)
Steelwood (larger, smaller)
Stoatin Brae (larger, smaller)
Stone Harbor (larger, smaller) [September 2015]
Stone Harbor (larger, smaller) [November 2020]
Stonewall - North Course (larger, smaller) [May 2016]
Stonewall - North Course (larger, smaller) [November 2020]
Stonewall - North Course (larger, smaller) [June 2021]
Stonewall - Old Course (larger, smaller) [mostly May 2016]
Stonewall - Old Course (larger, smaller) [April 2021]
Streamsong Red (larger, smaller) [2013/2014 combo]
Streamsong Red (larger, smaller) [March 2018]
Streamsong Black (larger, smaller)
Streamsong Blue (larger, smaller)
Suburban Golf Club (larger, smaller)
Sugarloaf (larger, smaller)
Summit Inn (larger, smaller)
Suneagles GC (larger, smaller)
Sunningdale CC (larger, smaller)
Sunnybrook (larger, smaller)
Sunnehanna (larger, smaller)
Sylvania (larger, smaller)
Sweet Water (larger, smaller)
Talamore (larger, smaller)
Tallgrass (larger, smaller) [this course is now permanently closed]
Tanglewood Manor (larger, smaller)
Tavistock (larger, smaller) [July 2021]
Tavistock (larger, smaller) [May 2021]
Tavistock (larger, smaller) [December 2019]
Tavistock (larger, smaller) [2014 and earlier]
The Ridge at Back Brook (larger, smaller)
The Shore Club (larger, smaller) [fka Wildwood Country Club] [June 2018]
The Shore Club (larger, smaller) [June 2019]
Thistle (larger, smaller)
Tidewater (larger, smaller)
Timber Trails (larger, smaller)
Torresdale Frankford CC (larger, smaller) [before the name change and renovation!]
Town & Country Golf Links (larger, smaller)
TPC Boston (larger, smaller)
Tree Top (larger, smaller)
Trenton CC (larger, smaller) [August 2012]
Trenton CC (larger, smaller) [July 2018]
Trenton CC (larger, smaller) [August 2021]
Trump Golf Links at Ferry Point (larger, smaller)
Trump National Bedminster New (larger, smaller)
Trump National Bedminster Old (larger, smaller)
Trump National Philadelphia (larger, smaller)
Tumblebrook (larger, smaller)
Turtle Creek (larger, smaller) [September 2015]
Turtle Creek (larger, smaller) [November 2020]
Twin Oaks (larger, smaller) [nka Greystone Mountain, see above]
Twin Ponds (larger, smaller) [July 2012]
Twin Ponds (larger, smaller) [November 2020]
Twin Woods (larger, smaller)
Twisted Dune (larger, smaller) [September 2008]
Twisted Dune (larger, smaller) [December 2016]
Twisted Dune (larger, smaller) [March 2021]
Union League GC at Torresdale (larger, smaller)
Union League National Golf Club (larger, smaller)
University of Michigan Golf Course (larger, smaller)
Upper Dublin [fka Twining Valley] (larger, smaller) [this course is now permanently closed]
Upper Montclair CC (larger, smaller)
Valleybrook CC (larger, smaller)
Valley Country Club (larger, smaller) [May 2017]
Valley Country Club (larger, smaller) [October 2020]
Valley View Golf (larger, smaller) [fka Olde Masters]
Victoria National (larger, smaller)
Village Greens (larger, smaller) [I believe this course is permanently closed]
Vince's Par 3 (larger, smaller)
Vineyard National (fka Renault Vineyard) (larger, smaller)
Walnut Lane (larger, smaller)
Waltz Golf Farm Par 3 Course (larger, smaller)
Wanango (larger, smaller)
Washington Township (larger, smaller)
Waynesborough (larger, smaller) [October 2017]
Waynesborough (larger, smaller) [August 2021]
Wedgewood GC (larger, smaller)
Wedgwood Country Club (larger, smaller)
Wemberly Hills (larger, smaller)
West Chester Golf & CC (larger, smaller) [April 2015]
West Chester Golf & CC (larger, smaller) [September 2019]
West Shore (larger, smaller)
Westover (larger, smaller)  [Oct 2018]
Westwood (larger, smaller)
Whistling Straits - Straits Course (larger, smaller)
Whistling Straits - Irish Course (larger, smaller)
White Beeches (larger, smaller)
White Clay Creek (larger, smaller)
White Manor (larger, smaller)
Whitemarsh Valley (larger, smaller) [June 2016]
Whitemarsh Valley (larger, smaller) [May 2021]
White Oaks (larger, smaller)
Whitetail (larger, smaller)
Whitford (larger, smaller)
Whitinsville (larger, smaller)
Wild Oaks (larger, smaller)
Wild Quail (larger, smaller)
Willow Valley (larger, smaller)
Wilmington CC - North (larger, smaller)
Wildwood (now called The Shore Club, see above)
Willow Brook (larger, smaller)
Willow Hollow (larger, smaller)
Wolf Hollow at the Water Gap Country Club (larger, smaller)
Woodcrest (larger, smaller) [August 2013]
Woodcrest (larger, smaller) [July 2021]
Woodmere (larger, smaller)
Woodstone (larger, smaller)
Worcester (larger, smaller) [April 2013]
Worcester (larger, smaller) [August 2019]
World Woods - Pine Barrens (larger, smaller)
World Woods - Practice Course (larger, smaller)
World Woods - Rolling Oaks (larger, smaller)
World Woods - Short Course (larger, smaller)
Worthington Manor (larger, smaller) 
Wyncote (larger, smaller)
Wyoming Valley (larger, smaller) [November 2017]
Wyoming Valley (larger, smaller) [September 2018]
Yale Golf Course [mostly from an October 2014 visit] (larger, smaller)
Yardley CC (larger, smaller)
Yeamans Hall (larger, smaller)


Nearly all these albums are also at the Bausch Collection at MyPhillyGolf.
Historical research I've done is at the Bausch Archives at MyPhillyGolf.